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Community Engagement & Educational Outreach Offerings

Through Sinta Quartet’s educational outreach offerings they strive to teach, engage, and inspire audiences. Whether in front of grade-schoolers, college students, or the community, SQ shares its passion for chamber music through audience-centered presentations and clinics. All of SQ’s offerings can be catered to the specific needs and desires of the school and community in which they take place.

Community (All Ages)

Music Around the World
SQ circles the globe performing and discussing music from various cultures, continents, and time periods.
The Inside Scoop
Quartet members discuss a variety of topics pertaining to the ensemble and chamber music playing including, but not limited to:
  • History of Sinta Quartet
  • Rehearing in a chamber group
  • Selecting repertoire
  • Memorizing music
  • Traveling together
Open Rehearsals
Audiences are treated to an insider’s look at what goes on behind the scenes. Members of SQ interact with the audience and share openly the process, level of preparation, concentration, and dedication it takes to prepare for a concert.
Pop-Up Concerts
We have been known to bring our music to unconventional venues. Whether it’s at a grocery store, bar, mall, town square, or other public place, we will inject some music and excitement into the air for the unsuspecting passersby.
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