“The Sinta Quartet, recognized as one of the finest ensembles of its type, not only amazed with stunningly virtuosic technique and virtually perfect intonation, but also by its profound attention to the music.”
-Palm Beach Daily News

“Virtuosic to the core” (Textura) and hailed as “a tight-knit ensemble exploding with power and virtuosity” (Boston Musical Intelligencer), the Sinta Quartet is on a mission to bring the versatility, homogeneity, and excitement of the saxophone to audiences everywhere. Strengthening an already palpable connection with its audience by performing entirely from memory, the quartet provides a fresh take on chamber music that is at once beautiful, virtuosic, and a completely interactive experience.


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RAVE REVIEW from our Chamber Music Northwest debut! 

"The S
inta Saxophone Quartet, alarmingly good and ravishingly charming, took the audience by surprise with its highly diverse program, American Voices, July 24 and 25 (I heard the July 25th concert at the Kaul Auditorium). Theirs was the tightest and brightest concert at the spectacularly varied Chamber Music Northwest’s five-week festival."

"Saxes are all over jazz but scarce in classical music, yet here’s a Michigan-based quartet, dressed to the nines in Euro-chic suits, who made it clear that superbly played saxes belong on the classical stage (or the hybrid stage) as well as in jazz clubs."

"Each piece, different from the others yet completely engaging, allowed this tightly knit ensemble of impressive irrepressible sax players. . . to shine, star and musically converse, throwing in a few jokes here and there, and remaining aware that a classical sax quartet is not an everyday thing—but not such a tough sell."

-Angela Allen, Oregon ArtsWatch

The July 25th concert is available through August 31 on CMNW's website.

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