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Community Engagement & Educational Outreach Offerings

Through Sinta Quartet’s educational outreach offerings they strive to teach, engage, and inspire audiences. Whether in front of grade-schoolers, college students, or the community, SQ shares its passion for chamber music through audience-centered presentations and clinics. All of SQ’s offerings can be catered to the specific needs and desires of the school and community in which they take place. SQ also runs an annual summer saxophone quartet intensive, Sinta Quartet Institute for high school and collegiate saxophonists at the South Shore Conservatory in Hingham, MA.


Elementary School
  • Students create the story behind SQ’s music. This interactive session allows students the opportunity to create their own characters, scenarios, and storyline from what they hear in a variety of works from SQ’s repertoire. If the host wishes, students can also draw their ideas and narrate their story to the rest of the class.
What’s that Sound?
  • SQ performs snippets of works that showcase the variety of sounds and styles the saxophone is capable of. Members also perform individually and discuss how they create the variety of sounds from the sublime to the wacky.
The Story of the Saxophone
  • SQ guides students through the life of the saxophone from its invention to present day. Who invented the saxophone? How does it work? How did it come to play various styles like jazz, classical, and popular music? These and many other fun facts are presented in an interactive, student-centered clinic.
Middle School
SQ is at home in front of a variety of student ensembles, whether it’s a full wind band, a woodwind section, saxophones, or any type of individual musician. Quartet members discuss how to create a beautiful sound, develop effective practice techniques, and various other topics for the budding young musician.
High School
SQ takes their middle school clinic approach to the next level as they dig deeper into the intricacies of performing chamber music, memorizing music, preparing for college, and pursuing a career in music from the student and professional perspectives.
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