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"The Sinta Saxophone Quartet, alarmingly good and ravishingly charming, took the audience by surprise with its highly diverse program. . . Theirs was the tightest and brightest concert at the spectacularly varied Chamber Music Northwest’s five-week festival" 

-Angela Allen, Oregon ArtsWatch

"Each piece, different from the others yet completely engaging, allowed this tightly knit ensemble of impressive irrepressible sax players. . . to shine, star and musically converse, throwing in a few jokes here and there, and remaining aware that a classical sax quartet is not an everyday thing—but not such a tough sell."

-Angela Allen, Oregon ArtsWatch

“…a tight-knit ensemble exploding with power and virtuosity and an un-concealable ambition to connect with its newly found listeners”

-Boston Musical Intelligencer

“The Sinta plays with astonishing virtuosity, subtly beautiful phrasing and exquisite ensemble no matter how rhythmically complex the music is.”
– Palm Beach Daily News

"They have established themselves as one of the finest professional saxophone quartets of the twenty-first century" Magazine

"a jaw-dropping display of virtuosity in a concert of string quartet transcriptions, presented completely by memory."

-Palm Beach Daily News

"These talented, technically astute, rhythmic and musical saxophonists shine throughout." 

-Tiina Kiik, The Whole Note magazine

"The highlight of the album [Artifacts] is, for me, the poignant 'Song Without Words.' Beautiful playing by the Donald Sinta Quartet."

-American Record Guide

"With its sophomore album Ex Machina, The Donald Sinta Quartet makes a compelling case for itself as one of the leading saxophone quartets dedicated to new music."


"DSQ achieves a perfect organ-like blend" 

-The Magazine

"Certain to appeal to a wide and diverse audience, the Donald Sinta Quartet’s latest album, Ex Machina begins with a punch that does not let up until the last note...captivating, hard to ignore, and impossible to resist. From moments of pure serenity to relentless hard-hitting funk..."

-Dr. Heide Radtke, NACWPI Journal

"Virtuosic to the core, the DSQ executes all seven pieces with infectious energy and conviction, which makes the performances seem all the more definitive."


“…immensely entertaining…they really are superb musicians!”
– Audiophile Audition 

"...almost limitless capabilities. The ensemble, intonation, and technique in this recording are beyond question. They provide a diverse, challenging, and yet enjoyable program" Magazine


"Individual virtuosity combines with a joy for shared music-making each time they take the stage. This quartet has proven to be  a remarkable voice for the contemporary composer. I consider them to be a genuine 'benchmark changer'. Audiences are immediately struck by their energy, passion, and love of sharing their individual talents as a single voice. 
They need to be heard!"
-UM Saxophone Professor Emeritus, Donald Sinta

"Donald Sinta is probably the most influential saxophone teacher in existence, and a group called the Donald Sinta Quartet had better be up to a very high standard to merit that name.  I've heard them and they are!  Nothing pleases me more than to write and sing their praises.  Already they are evidently on their way, and deservedly so."

-Pulitzer Prize winning composer, William Bolcom

"The Donald Sinta Quartet played excellently last week and on WFMT’s Facebook Live broadcast, they also received a higher than usual number of people watching the concert internationally. Our audience gave them a very enthusiastic ovation."
-John Lee,  Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts Program Coordinator, International Music Foundation

"We really enjoyed the Donald Sinta quartet today! Thank you for bringing them to LaSalle and exposing our students to such an awesome experience!! We appreciate it!"

-Susan Walker, Band Teacher at LaSalle Academy, South Bend, IN

"The concert was incredible, featuring both exquisite musicianship and excellent engagement with the audience throughout. Just the right amount of talking to let the audience know a bit about the music and the group, coupled with engaging delivery, some humor, and a balanced program. Afterward they were generous with their time, talking with a couple of my students, who had questions for them after the concert. What a success!
-Dr. Stacy Maugans, Professor of Saxophone, Valparaiso University

Thank you so much for being guest artists and lecturers this summer at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. Your brilliant artistry and engaging dialogue were invaluable to our students who are also aspiring to careers as saxophone artists. The rich information you shared will certainly inspire them well into the future. I look forward to continuing our collaborations again soon and wish you all the best in your inspiring career.

-Dr. Matthew Schlomer, Conductor and Saxophone Instructor, Interlochen Center for the Arts


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