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We are thrilled to announce that we have released our debut album, Collider,

which features many new works for saxophone quartet!

The album includes 11 fantastic works:

Amalgamation (2009) by Andy Akiho 

Babel* (2014) by Joseph Bozich

Tango Virtuoso (1993) by Thierry Escaich

Rush (2002) by David Kechley 

Red Pine* (2014) by Kristin Kuster

Six Bagatelles for Woodwind Quintet (1953) by György Ligeti (arranged by SQ) 

Phantoms* (2013) by Natalie Moller

Bulgarity* (2013) by Annika Socolofsky
Elegy (2004/2009) by Gregory Wanamaker (arranged by Wanamaker) 
LHC* (2012) by Roger Zare
Z4430* (2014) by Roger Zare 

(* denotes a work written for SQ) 

Collider 2.jpg
Purchase your physical copy: 
$15, shipping included
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In addition to being SQ’s debut album, this CD is also the first professional recording of most of these pieces. We're also excited to share such great music by so many composers who are rising stars in the field, juxtaposed with other new works by several more established composers. 

The name of the album, Collider, comes from the work by Roger Zare entitled LHC, which stands for Large Hadron Collider. The LHC is "the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator" owned and operated by CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (quoted from CERN's website). We also see this album as a *collision* (although hopefully much more orderly than a collision housed in the LHC) of several different styles of compositions written by 10 unique and powerful composers.  

And a big THANK YOU to the all of our supporters for contributing to our fundraising efforts on Kickstarter to produce this album! We couldn't do this without you!

Akropolis Reed Quintet

Apple Orange Pair

Christoph Arndt

Mary Aten

David Biedenbender

Nate Bliton

William Bolcom

Matthew Browne

Sookkyung Cho

Mark Clague

Marion Consiglio

Maureen Conway

Michael DeMarchi

Rodney Dorsey

Deborah Flockton

Jean Follit

Alexander Foss

William Foss

Bill Freeman

Cheryl and David Garrett

Eleanor Girard

Mark Girard

Stephen and Francine Girard

Mark and Mary Ann Graser (plus Booker and Spenser)

Jim Hartson

Ben Hawthorne

EJ Hawthorne

Julia Hawthorne

Martha Hawthorne

Elizabeth Byrne Hering

Laura Hoffman

Lucas Hopkins

Matt Hudson

Jonathan Hulting-Cohen

Emily Jablonski

Erika Jansen

Chuck and Sandra Jasman

Gina Kantor

Andrew Kaump

Lisa Keeney

Bethany Kelleher

Geon Kim

Connie Kobberstad

Matthew Kobberstad

Brian Einstein Lassiter

Jeffrey Leung

Bernice Levy

Scott M. Manson

Meridian Winds

Ed Miner

Craig Moller

Dan Moroz

Lindsay Myers

Bradley Palmer

Kristin Percival

Anna Petrenko

Gabriel Corey Pomerantz

Alan Posner

Jane Raley

Zack Reaves

Liz Remizowski

Vincent Ricci

Sophia Rich

Karen Walker Rodgers

Craig Rodriguez

Stephanie Ruggeri

Sergey Ryazantsev

Randolph and Kathleen Schein

Lukas Schroeder

Niko Schroeder

Zachary Shemon

Alex Singleton

Marguerite Sprague

Kenneth Steinacher

Richard and Margaret Steinacher

Susan Steinacher

Don and Elizabeth Stern

Elissa Stern

Greg Stern

Ona Stern

Robbie Stern

Kathryn Stieler

Derek Storey

Zachary Stout


Daniel Szalay

Benjamin Taylor

Denise Thal

Joseph Trevino

Tyler Wiessner

Mark Williams

T.J. Wolfgram

Bruno Yoshioka

Mike and Joan Zare

Jim and Patty



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